Intersecting Methods 2016

This page is a gallery for the 2016 Intersecting Methods portfolio, the second one coordinated.

Intersecting Methods is a portfolio of prints created by 12 printmakers who each collaborated with a scientist or engineer. As a process for creating art, printmaking has many similarities to the scientific method. Printmakers dream up the imagery, experiment with their mediums, proof their plates, manipulate the variables (one at a time) and proof again to be able to create the desired results in the final edition. Scientists, engineers and others in related fields work through similar steps in conducting experiments and attempting to prove or disprove a hypothesis.

There are two copies of this portfolio for exhibition. Please email me at rndeditions [at] if you have any interest.

Participating Printers : Collaborators

Matthew McLaughlin : Steven Lambert

Douglas Bosley : Dr. Katrina Forest

Tom Christison : Dr. Betsy Stone

Deborah Cornell : Dr. Erik Brisson

Amze Emmons : Dr. Jeremy Alden Teissere

Nicole Geary : Dr. Mark Sweeney

David Gerhard : Andrew Colletti

Jon Goebel : Dr. Neil Scott

Heather Parrish : Dr. Elizabeth Henaff

Andy Rubin : Dr. Brian Fox

Humberto Saenz : John Harrison

Melanie Yazzie : Dakota Nanton



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