Intersecting Methods 2018 Profile: Sarah Fukami

This is the third post in a series to introduce the participating printmakers and their collaborators for the 2018 edition of the Intersecting Methods Portfolio. Every two weeks, into mid-December, a new profile of a collaborative pair will be posted. This segment profiles Sarah Fukami, artist,  and her collaborator, Christine Fukami. 



Sarah Fukami

Sarah Fukami was born and works in Denver, Colorado. She received her BFA with distinction from the University of Denver, and is currently finishing a two-year residency at RedLine. Specializing in mixed media printmaking, her work ranges from traditional techniques to straddling the line between the two- and three-dimensional utilizing materials such as Plexiglas. Her work focuses on the development and evolution of identity, particularly in relation to the immigrant experience. Her Japanese family was interned during World War II, and her art is rooted in social justice. More recently, she has become interested in the dissemination of history by searching through national archives and investigating unknown individuals from records and photographs.


Here are three examples of Sarah’s printmaking work.



Christine Fukami

Christine Fukami was born and raised in Denver, CO.  She attended the University of Denver, where she received her ACS BS with distinction in Chemistry.  She also graduated with an MS in Chemistry from Colorado State University, where she majored in Analytical Chemistry.  The majority of her research has revolved around identifying contaminants and studying their behavior in the environment with the aim of creating awareness of what is being introduced and to begin the arduous task of reducing their presence.  More recently, Christine has become interested in using microfluidic platforms for in vivo studies of cancer metastasis in order to improve understanding, and therefore treatment options for those afflicted by the disease.

Look for the next profile in two weeks. In the meantime, R&D editions will have its regular bi-weekly updates on studio work in between the profiles.


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