Intersecting Methods 2018 Call!

With the success of the two previous iterations of the Intersecting Methods portfolio, R&D editions is putting out the call for new participants to find collaborators and make editions that will be exhibited and build an archive of prints where artists and scientists collaborate.

The 2018 edition will work in the same format as the first two iterations. 12 printmakers will be selected from an applicant pool. Those 12 will then each find a collaborator to work with, they will collaborate and build ideas together with an end result of 26 prints in an edition.

R&D editions will gather the editions, collate, place in portfolios and then send back two portfolios to each collaborative duo, so that each participant, not just the printmaker, will receive a copy of the works created.

Two of the portfolios will be held in R&D editions archives and build on the collection of art and science collaboration that R&D strives for. One of these portfolios will be used for exhibitions in to be determined locations. The previous portfolios have been shown at multiple locations, including at Frogmans’ Print Workshop, formerly at the University of South Dakota.

Here is a link to the official Intersecting Methods 2018 Submission Flyer with application and deadline information.

Email for any questions or to apply for participation.


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