2016 Starts Off Running

Happy New Year! And with that, 2016 is already off to a running start. After a little break with the holidays, Stephen Lambert and I met at the studio to go over the final version of his program for creating our images and its pretty cool. The basic idea is that we are attempting to break an image down into three segments of information through the program; background, key focus and secondary information. We have decided to create a print for the edition that will show a control image along with three others to experiment with finding the optimal settings for the control image and applying the same to the other three.

It took a lot of notes and playing around to find what we felt were the optimal settings for the control image. Click here to see a short instagram video of the notes.

Once we had the optimal settings we went through and ran it against the image to make sure. Click here to see a video of the process.

If you watched the video above of the process, you can see how the image is blurred to simplify its color range, then separated into 34 layers. We found that 34 got us the perfect number of color areas to allow the image to separate properly. After that, we ran it through the final segmentation, where the program separated the image out into three key areas.

The overall idea of Stephen and my collaboration is to explore the idea of how complex our own vision is when trying to replicate it through programming. Stephen has been writing this programming on and off for over 6 months, when he had the time, to be able to see what we could create. The other three images in the final print may show how even though we optimized the program for the control image, it may not work properly on others.

To give you a sneak peak, here is a picture of the 4 images cut for CMYK laser engraved woodcut.

Four blocks for IM 2016 CMYK first process.

Four blocks for IM 2016 CMYK first process.

My process will be to print the images in CMYK, then separate out the segmentation information through other processes to highlight the focus information compared to the background and secondary information.

I will post sneak peaks of the process and overall print on Instagram as I go. Once the print is complete I will post an overall review of the process and the print. In the meantime, I should begin to receive prints from other participants in the next few weeks and will be posting as I get them.


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