Intersecting Methods 2016 Profile: Douglas Bosley

This is the eleventh post in a series to introduce the participating printmakers and their collaborators for the 2016 edition of the Intersecting Methods Portfolio. Every two weeks, into mid-December, a new profile of a collaborative pair will be posted. This segment profiles Douglas Bosley and his collaborator, Katrina Forest.

Douglas Bosley

Douglas Bosley (B.F.A. Western Washington University 2009, M.F.A University of Wisconsin – Madison 2012) is artist in residence at the Forest Laboratory in the Department of Bacteriology at UW-Madison.  His work has been included in numerous juried shows nationally and internationally in Australia, China, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.  He is a recipient of several awards including an Illustrators of the Future award was awarded first place in the prestigious National Society of Arts and Letters National Competition in Printmaking for 2013.  In addition, his work is held by several collections including the Southern Graphics Council Print Collection and Archives and the Wisconsin Union Art Collection.

Katrina Forest

Katrina Forest (B.S. 1987 MIT, Ph.D. 1993 Princeton University, Postdoctoral Research: The Scripps Research Institute) is a Full Professor in the department of Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. 

The study of life is the examination of interactions; cooperations of species within ecosystems, adaptation of living organisms to environment stimuli, and partnerships of atoms within the active sites of enzymes. Our lab studies biological interactions at the molecular level. We are particularly interested in the structures, functions, and mechanisms of bacterial proteins with consequences to prokaryotic physiology and symbiosis with eukaryotes. Using X-ray crystallography as our primary tool, we draw on our diverse backgrounds in microbiology, biophysics, biochemistry and chemistry to uniquely approach our two main areas of research: Type IV pili and bacteriophytochromes.



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