Published Prints


EC 512, MV 74539 and FO 43 editions are complete and signed by the artist, Chris Bathgate. These prints have been published in an edition of 36 for each. They are CNC milled engravings in copper plate, printed by hand on Rives BFK, print size of 5″x5″, paper size of 7″x8″ and can be purchased in a suite of all three matted with a screenprinted colophon page or as individual prints. Email if interested, suites are priced at $350 and individual prints at $100.

Here is an image of the artist signing his editions.


Along with the Chris Bathgate editions, R&D editions also has the Stephen W Evans edition from 2014 available.Pass Over

Pass Over is a two layer pronto plate edition on Rives BFK. Image size of 14×9, paper size of 16″x12″ printed in an edition of 34. This print is available for purchase at $150. Email if interested.

Prints are a great gift for an aspiring art collector for their price and variety. Hope everyone has a happy upcoming holiday season. Check in next week for the second to last Intersecting Methods profile.


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