Intersecting Methods 2016 Profile: Andy Rubin

This is the tenth post in a series to introduce the participating printmakers and their collaborators for the 2016 edition of the Intersecting Methods Portfolio. Every two weeks, into mid-December, a new profile of a collaborative pair will be posted. This segment profiles Andy Rubin and his collaborator, Brian Fox.


Andy Rubin

In 2009 I started a body of work inspired by the drawings of Saul Steinberg and Ben Shahn, the architecture of Antoni Gaugi and Frank Gehry, and the post cubist imagery of the American abstract movement of the 1940-50’s.  Their whimsical line, cubist shapes and color sensibilities informed this series, which is rooted in this same abstraction of architecture, shapes and doodles that, in turn, become landscapes of my imagination. I am aware that these works (being landscape in nature) speak to the ideas about the human manipulation of the environment and our ecology.

2015       Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington

1988-2015  Master Printer, collaborations and editioning, studio manager, student coordinator, Tandem Press, UW-Madison

1987-88      Fine Art Printer, collaborations and editioning, Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, CA

1984    MFA Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

1978    BFA Center for Creative Studies; School of Art and Design, Detroit, Michigan

brianfox Brian Fox

Professor and Chair, Biochemistry

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Madison

My research is on the intersection between shape, electric charge, and magnetism. These properties control the properties of special proteins called enzymes that sustain life through digestion of food, synthesis of bone and muscle, replication, reproduction and others. Shape, charge, and magnetism are manifest in spatial dimensions smaller than one part in a billion relative to the human dimension, yet special measurements allow a view into the intricate beauty of this miniature world, reproduced, elaborated and manipulated to produce knowledge and items of remarkable symmetry, fascination and beauty.

Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1989

B.A. Carleton College, 1981



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