IM 2016 Collaboration Update

Another busy week for R&D, I met with Stephen Lambert Monday night to go over the latest updates on the programs and to play around with image processing so I can have a better handle on what the final digital output might be and how I can start to interpret it through printmaking processes. It was really interesting to hear Stephen talk about his ideas for the programming and how they would work together to interpret the imagery. Some of it definitely went over my head, but a lot I could at least understand visually when I saw the result.

We played around with an image quite a bit to see the outcomes and see how things could be tweaked and pushed depending upon the previous outcome. This is where we are getting down to the real nitty-gritty science aspects of the process because Stephen and I are trying to optimize the edge detection output as the ultimate mark of what series to run the program through.

We decided the need for the program to ultimately find the most edge detection information was key as most other programs will detect and separate colors or layers and other aspects of the image. But the edge detection seems to be the toughest to really gain information from. Here are some examples of the edge detection outcomes from our experiments.

As you can see, even with only showing 3 altered versions there is a big difference in what is found and isolated for edges throughout the image depending on what programs we ran and in what order they were run. There is a lot more experimenting on our part when Stephen has finished tweaking the programs, but I am very excited for the outcome. My brain is already on overdrive on the processes to use for producing the final edition of the images.

Otherwise, I am very close to finishing the editions for Chris Bathgate. We will be signing them in the next week or so and then they will be ready for exhibition and sale. Since we are close to completion, Chris has written about our collaboration in his most recent blog post. Check it out here and here are two images of the plates and final prints.


Along with that, I met with Ryan Hackett, a local painter, sculptor, and installation artist, yesterday to further discuss a possible collaboration. After talking for about an hour and a half, we are both very excited for the possible outcome of a print collaboration and I will be bringing him into the studio in a little over a month to introduce him to some processes.


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