Whoa, okay. Time to reign life back in. If you personally know me, you probably have heard me talk about the craziness of life right now, but for those of you who only know me for this blog I’ll break it down a little.

I am a adjunct professor at the University of Maryland who is currently teaching four courses; three printmaking and one drawing, and I am guessing that if you are reading this blog and do not personally know me, you are an artist, most likely a printmaker, and have some sense of the amount of time demonstrating techniques for three printmaking classes would take.

So that is the foundation of my craziness, on top of my teaching load I am currently applying to any and every professor position that I qualify for to try and get out of this semester by semester lifestyle, I am applying for tons of group/juried exhibitions because that is life as an emerging artist, I am the editor of the Graphic Impressions newsletter for SGC International and I am the head of R&D editions along with the printer (obviously) who is in the middle of finishing one set of editions, while starting up the experiments for another, beginning the discussions with a new artist and am coordinating and printing for the upcoming Intersecting Methods 2016 portfolio. PHEW!

So thats my little rant, needed to get it out. Back to work.


I am soooooooo close to finishing the Chris Bathgate editions. I will be finished with curating the prints this weekend and then will pick out the final prints for the editions. I am hoping to have around 35-40 prints for each plate and its looking good so far. After that I will be putting together 10 suites of the 3 prints with mat frames for each and trying to work on a package of some sort. I will have images up as soon as possible.

Along with that, I have started to apply grounds to copper plates for the Tom Petzwinkler tests and hope to begin testing techniques for my collaboration with Stephen Lambert.

A week ago, I had Dr. Karen Lips Honr278Q class back into the print shop to finish off their posters. Karen put together a great little storify for documentation of the ideas and the process. Check it out here. I had a lot of fun showing her students the process and seeing what they came up with.

Sorry for the lack of images and the bit of a rant, but I feel better and it was needed.


Come back in a week to see the next collaborative pair in the Intersecting Methods portfolio.


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