SGCI Mid-year Meeting

Short post today because, in reality, I am making my way back to the east coast from Portland, OR where I spent the past two days with a great group of printmakers who are the board members for SGC International. We had our annual mid-year meeting in Portland because the city will be hosting our next annual conference in late March/early April. Most of the time was spent in a hotel conference room talking over organizational issues and such, but yesterday afternoon we were given a tour of many of the sites for the conference.

The main update for R&D editions’ work is the completion of printing the three plates for Chris Bathgate. Last weekend, I cranked out the final 48 sheets and its looking good for roughly editions around 40 of each plate. I am now going to curate the works, aka fix them up a bit, and then I will be working on cutting mats and packaging.

The mats and packaging will be needed because Chris and I decided that we would take around 10 of each print and package them as suites. So if you like Chris’ work and cannot decide on which print you want, keep in mind all three will be available to purchase together. More on prices and final images of the prints will be posted soon and make sure to check in this coming Sunday for the next profile for the Intersecting Methods 2016 portfolio.


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