Intersecting Methods 2016 Profile: Humberto Saenz

This is the fourth post in a series to introduce the participating printmakers and their collaborators for the 2016 edition of the Intersecting Methods Portfolio. Every two weeks, into mid-December, a new profile of a collaborative pair will be posted. This segment profiles Humberto Saenz, Assistant Professor, Graduate Faculty, and Area Head of Print Media at Wichita State University and his collaborator, John Harrison.

HUMBERTOHumberto Saenz

Humberto Saenz is a Mexican artist currently residing in Wichita, Kansas. Humberto Saenz went on to study Studio Arts at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  In 2006, he received a Master of Art in Art from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.  Humberto finished his studies in 2008 at the University of Dallas by receiving a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking. Humberto Saenz currently holds the position of Assistant Professor, Graduate Faculty, and Area Head of Print Media at Wichita State University.  He teaches introductory, intermediate, and advanced level printmaking courses. Think MTV, the Houston Chronicle, and The Dallas Morning News have recently interviewed him.  Humberto Saenz also exhibits his artwork throughout the United States and abroad in solo, juried, and invitational exhibitions.

john-harrisonJohn Harrison

John Harrison plays a lot with audio/video and interactive art projects. He also enjoys working with electronics, programming microcontrollers, and mechanical stuff, such as converting cars to run vegetable oil.

John’s been taking stuff apart since he was a kid and would skip classes in 7th grade to program the TRS-80 Model I at his school. He was inspired by his father who often allowed John to help build and fix things.

John teaches Engineering at WSU and is the Concertmaster of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Chamber Orchestra. During graduate school, he was surrounded by makers and has yearned to recreate that experience in Wichita.

So many of us are building and doing exciting things. Finally we have a place to learn from each other, and enjoy the energy that each of us can share in our building, tinkering, and creating.

As MakeICT grows, I hope we can further develop the creative, artistic, and unique sides of what we are doing. Perhaps we can connect with other creative communities in and outside of Wichita to collaborate and share in building things that have never been built before and that challenge our preconceived notions of art and functionality.



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