Intersecting Methods 2016 Participants

Postcard_FrontToday I can announce the participants chosen for the 2016 installment of the Intersecting Methods portfolio. I am sad to report that Justin Strom will not be able to participate as he was unable to find a collaborator in time. Even without his participation, I have selected a great group of printmakers for the next set of editions. Here is the list of the final selections.

Matthew McLaughlin

Douglas Bosley

Tom Christison

Deborah Cornell

Amze Emmons

Nicole Geary

David Gerhard

Jon Goebel

Heather Parrish

Andy Rubin

Humberto Saenz

Melanie Yazzie

I am really excited for this group of participants and look forward to posting profiles of each participant and their collaborator in a new series over the summer and into the fall. Starting on July 12, every two weeks (in between my regular posts) I will be putting together a profile of each duo with biographies and images ending mid-December.

Look for a regular blog post next week with updates on my experiments for Tom Petzwinkler.


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