Intersecting Methods and other updates

There are currently 5 days left to apply for the Intersecting Methods 2016 portfolio. I have received quite some applications but am always looking for more to have a better selection of printmakers to choose from. So, if you are a printmaker interested in collaboration and know a scientist or engineer you would like to work with send an application describing your interest in the portfolio and 3 images of your work to

As for my collaborations, I am making good progress with the experiments for Chris Bathgate. Currently I have two new plates of his imagery created to try printing in two different processes. Once I have those completed I will post with descriptions and images. 

For Tom Perzwinkler, I recently started playing with diluting the caulk material to try and make it more easily screen printed. That was the biggest issue from last time, so there is a real want to find a balance between printability and allowing the material to still have the properties it needs for the process afterwards. 

Test batches for dilution

 And I meet with Stephen Lambert yesterday, he has one or two codes close to a testing phase and will be loading them for me to be able to process images through soon. My main want is to be able to just process random images so that I can get a better understanding of ehat the outcome will be because then I will be able to plan ahead for the processes we will try to print each version through.

I hope to get the code in the next week or so and be able to proof the plates for Bathgate. So once I have those, I’ll be posting more.


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