Bathgate Tests

Just before I left for Knoxville, I printed a series of tests for Chris Bathgate’s edition. These tests were the next round of work towards creating an edition for him. The idea for tests was to layer screen print ink on different translucent and transparent materials for possible lightbox backed prints. Chris has been creating 2-D designs of his work for sometime and has been looking for a way to output them. Unhappy with inkjet printing directly on mylars, we decided to experiment in this direction. Here are a series of images of the tests.

Films for the later layers

Films for the later layers

Inks ready to go.

Inks ready to go.

Light gray ink

Light gray ink


Initial newsprint test of 1st layer (light gray)


In Progress on Draft Film


In Progress on Frosted Mylar


Full Image on Clear Draft Paper

Clear Acetate Test

Small section of Clear Draft Film

Small Clear Acetate Test


Draft film test


Small Draft Film Test


Frosted Mylar Test


Small Frosted Mylar


Hosho Paper Test


Hosho Paper Detail


Lutrador Paper Test


Small Lutrador Test


Unryu Paper Test


Small Unryu Paper Test

First off, before anyone gets on me for registration. I know, I know, but it was an issue with the films more than me. I had to switch film material between printing the first and the second, third and fourth layers and for some reason the computer decided to print the last 3 layers 1/8″ longer on one side, not in both directions, JUST ONE. That is something I have never run into before and it was something that I did not notice until printing the third layer and having such a hard time lining things up. So I ran with it knowing I would still get enough to show Chris and see what he thinks.

The materials I printed on were: Clear Acetate, Draft Film, Frosted Mylar, Hosho, Lutrador, and Unryu paper. I also have rice paper to begin but after the first layer it curled up from the moisture and I knew I could not print more. After having printed two layers I was pretty sure this was not the direction or result that Chris wanted. So when we meet this past week, I laid out all the prints, from before and the ones shown here.

As I suspected, Chris was not really into the extreme opaque quality of the screen print inks when layered up 4 times. I suggested that we could get a more translucent quality to the printed areas if we printed them as woodcuts using the laser engraver to make the cuts, but it seemed to not be getting Chris interested. We discussed some other ideas and have some new tests in mind, so those will be coming soon.

Otherwise, the deadline for portfolio exchange submissions is coming up fast. May 1st is that last day to email me your images and reason why you should be picked. And this coming weekend, I will have a table at the Greenbelt Mini Maker Fair on April 18th held by the Greenbelt MakerSpace.

Greenbelt Maker Fair Flyer

Greenbelt Maker Fair Flyer




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