Portfolio Update – New Participants

After only two weeks, there is already a portfolio update for the Intersecting Methods 2016 biennial. I can happily announce two of the participation slots are not occupied and for good reason. Within a day of the portfolio call going out, I received an email from Tom Christison asking if he could participate in the portfolio. Tom is an amazing lithographer and all around printmaker. He graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with his BFA and Arizona Sate University’s MFA printmaking program and has taught around the country before settling in Iowa where his wife, Anita Jung, is a full time professor at the University of Iowa. Along with teaching at difference institutions, Tom took part in the Master Printmaker in Residence Program at the Robert Blackburn Print Workshop in New York. I have admired Tom’s work for years and am thrilled he will be working on this portfolio for next year.

Along with Tom, Melanie Yazzie has asked to be a part of the portfolio and how could I say no. Melanie graduated from ASU’s Bacherlor’s program and then received her Master’s at University of Colorado, Boulder, where she has been teaching ever since. Melanie is part of the Dine tribe, a part of the larger Navajo Nation, she makes work that uses the symbols of her tribe to tell personal stories, both real and imagined, about her ancestry and culture. Melanie is a prolific portfolio participant and has coordinated a significant one titled “Dog Head Stew”. First shown at the 2003 SGC conference in Boston, this portfolio has been shown at multiple venues both nationally and internationally. This year, she and Elizabeth Klimek, have coordinated the second iteration of this portfolio, “Dog Head Stew: The Second Course” and I thoroughly look forward to seeing the editions for this version.

Although I already have two participants, I am still looking for more. So check out the previous post about the Intersecting Methods 2016 portfolio and send me an application by May 1st to see if you will be a part of it.


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