So Much Going On

Whoa its been a busy September. Alright, lets recap. The Intersecting Methods portfolio will be exhibited in a group show in Raleigh, NC starting today through most of the month of October. SCIENCE fair, at the Visual Art Exchange, is a group exhibition of artwork related to or that collaborated with scientific ideas and processes.

Along with the portfolio being exhibited this month, there is also an article about it in the latest issue of The Hand Magazine. The Hand Magazine is a new publication dedicated to being the world’s premier forum for innovative and experimental uses of reproduction-based media. We are interested in how artists include their own hand in the art object while utilizing mechanical or reproduction-based techniques. We are interested in publishing any and all forms of photography and printmaking; whether the work is strictly a photograph or print, or whether the work incorporates these processes in a sculptural, multi-media or collage format. If you want to purchase a copy, click here.

And I can announce that I have two more collaborators for future editions, Chris Bathgate and Tom Petzwinkler. Chris Bathgate is a sculptural machinist from Baitimore, MD. I contacted Chris about a month ago after seeing an article about him on the bmoreart website. He was intrigued with the idea of making prints right off the bat, so I visited him in his home-studio. Chris has an amazing space, he has converted the basement of his home into a private machining space with mills, lathes, 3-D printers, sand blasters and more. He works through designs that he first sketches, then creates in CAD or other 3D programs and then creates using hand controlled and CNC operated machines.

Chris will be a great artist to work with as he thinks about the beauty in the print but also in the plate used to create the image. He is very intent on creating something that is sculpturally beautiful alongside with it created something that is a beautiful print. We met today for a second time in the UMD studios and talked about the possibilities of creating custom rollers or printing barrels that we could mill imagery into for then printing through transfer or directly. I am extremely excited about the ideas that are coming out, but it will be quite a bit of experimentation before we get to editioning.

The other artist is Tom Petzwinkler, who I first met at the Shop Talk presentation, part of the Printmaking Legacy Project that Susan Goldman of Lily Press and the Midwest Matrix put together in June at the Old Print Gallery. Tom is a sculpture and photographer who will combine both passions in many of his works. He first expressed interest in June because I was there giving a talk about my collaborative work and my experimentation with new processes, like laser engraving. We met up again in early September to discuss further ideas about collaborating and it was a good vibe between us when we got down to shop talk. Tom is very much into the idea of creating new processes or uses for materials as he has developed his own image transfer process for inkjet prints. We will be meeting again soon to talk further about prints and the processes we can play with.

Working with these two new artists and completing the edition of Stephen Lambert will definitely keep me busy for the next year. I hope to have all the editions completed through next summer and then be able to start up the next round of collaborations. In the meantime, I will be posting about the experiments and trails that come from all three editions and other happenings in my printmaking life.


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