New Exhibition and possible collaboration

It has been a crazy few weeks since I last wrote. First I took a vacation with my wife and family to the beach. Neither of us have had a real vacation in a few years, so sorry for the lack of a post but I needed that time away. Then right after that the semester began, I am teaching two courses at the University of Maryland; Elements of Drawing 1 and 2-D Design Fundamentals. Thankfully, this will be a nice load to continue working on editions and other collaborative work with EPI.

The big news as of this post is that the portfolio, Intersecting Methods will be apart of another exhibition this coming October at the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh, NC. The exhibition, titled “SCIENCEfair” is a group juried exhibition of works of art related to or using science as part of the imagery or process. It will be the third time the portfolio will be exhibited and will be a new location and group of viewers, helping to spread the idea of STEAM instead of STEM. Once I receive promotional materials and the like I will post and let everyone know. But if you are in the Raleigh area, go out and see the work on October 3rd for the opening.

Along with that, I met with a potential artist collaborator today and felt really good about the conversation. Once we have some things laid out and set it stone we are going to make some prints, I will post materials and information about the artist. I have another meeting on Wednesday for another potential artist collaborator, so things are starting to pick up with school. Hopefully, I do not get overwhelmed.

Thats all for now, will post more often now that I will be in the shop experimenting again on Fridays.


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