This is a promotional post. So if you like the idea of this project and think the Arts should be mixed back into the STEM system creating STEAM, then please pass this blog along and lets get this portfolio and future collaborations recognized and out in the public for show.

To add to this, Intersecting Methods is on trajectory to show at the University of South Dakota this summer in coordination with the Frogman’s Print Workshops. This is a two week summer intensive printmaking program that has been going on since the 80s. To coincide with the workshops, they exhibit different printmaking portfolios as inspiration. The director has asked that Intersecting Methods be a part of it for this coming summer, so I will be getting them ready for show and shipping them out in the next month or so.

Along with this copy going to U of SD, I have a secondary exhibition copy that is available for show. So like I posted before, if you like this idea and the work and know of a venue, please connect me. Direct them to this blog and the facebook page for R&D editions so we can expand the conversation between the arts and sciences. Below is an in-progress press packet with information about the overall concept and statements and bios from each pair along with images of the prints. I am waiting on one last statement, so I will update the file and resubmit to this post then for its distribution.

Intersecting Methods Press Packet


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