Another edition

Just one edition to add this week, but its look like the next three will be in by next Friday for a post and showing of the final three prints. This print was created by Andy Polk head of the University of Arizona’s printmaking program and his collaborator Michael Hammer.

Andrew Polk is an artist who lives and works in Tucson, Arizona, USA. His prints, paintings, drawings, and video works have been exhibited throughout the United States, and in such other countries as England, Wales, Ireland, India, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, and China. Polk is a Professor of Art at the University of Arizona within the School of Art where he served as Director from 1994-2001. He teaches courses in printmaking, drawing, watercolor, and critical issues. Polk is an abstract artist at heart who enjoys complex narratives. In his curent works, he uses a private code to engage viewers in the mystery laden beauties of unintelligible text. Together with his wife, Kathryn, he is co-owner of L-Vis Press.

Michael Hammer is a research scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson who has run a productive lab in human evolutionary genetics for the past 25 years. His group has applied DNA sequence analysis to test models for the origin of our species and to infer the evolutionary forces shaping patterns of genetic variation in a variety of human populations. His professional and personal experiences have endowed him with a passion to translate discoveries in the lab to the medical clinic, and to help children and their families who suffer from early childhood disorders. His laboratory is currently using the latest DNA sequencing technology to discover the genetic causes of epilepsy and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Here are the images of their print.

Picture of lithography print

Print created by Andrew Polk with collaborator, Michael Hammer

Detail of center area of print

Detail of print


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