More editions

This has been another good week for getting in editions. I received two more and realized I had not posted the one I completed yet. So three shall be put up today. But first, it is less than a month away from the SGC International conference in San Francisco. I am getting pretty buys with finishing off the portfolio, printing the colophon, coordinating a show for the SF area and putting together my presentation for the conference panel.

The exhibition information has been finalized, so I can reveal that the portfolio will be put on exhibition during the conference from March 26-30 at The Aesthetic Union in the Mission District. We will be having an opening reception on the 29th from 6-9 pm, but the portfolio will be up for viewing through much of the conference. The Aesthetic Union is a letterpress studio owned by a friend, James Tucker. Along with making custom printed work, James has taken to having small exhibitions in the space to promote the arts and his business. So it is a win/win for both of us.

As for the prints, I received editions from Gabriela Munoz and Dennis O’Neil this week. Gabriela is a fellow graduate of the Arizona State University MFA printmaking program. She currently works at the Phoenix Art Museum as a curatorial assistant of Latin American Art. Her collaborator is a video technologist and new media expert, Julie Ganas. Julie is an arts educator and works with institutions in technological consultation. Their print is a digital inkjet print on hand made paper using sunflower stalks, saguaro and cotton that is then hand manipulated focusing around a sunflower seed and its ability to clean up the soil of pollutants.


Print by Gabriela Munoz with collaborator Julie Ganas. Second aspect is a set of QR codes and a sunflower seed for planting.

Detail of print

Detail of cut out roots part.

Dennis O’Neil is a professor in the Fine Arts Department at the Corcoran College of Art and Design teaching screen printing and wood cut techniques since 1987. In 1971 Dennis founded the Hand Print Workshop International. HPWI is located in Alexandria, VA and Dennis has produced edition with artists from around the world. For the portfolio, he collaborated with Jay Krueger, Senior Conservator of Modern Paintings at the National Gallery of Art since 1992. Jay lectures on painting materials and techniques of modern and contemporary artists when not saving them. Their print utilizes a wax pigment screen printing technique developed by Dennis. The basic idea being that he prints multiple layers of clear base to build up the surface and then pushes around cold wax with oil paint mixed in into the recessed areas developing the images. Dennis will work layer upon layer to build up the space like a painting with his collaborators.

Printed created by Dennis O'Neil with his collaborator, Jay Krueger

Printed created by Dennis O’Neil with his collaborator, Jay Krueger

Detail of print

Detail of print

Lastly, here is the print I created with my collaborator Mason Trappio. It has been introduced and teased a few times, so I do not think I need to say much. Simply its title is “Candled” and though hard to see there is some imagery blind embossed into the paper. Something you just have to see in person. So come to the opening.

Print created by Matthew McLaughlin with his collaborator, Mason Trappio

Print created by Matthew McLaughlin with his collaborator, Mason Trappio

Detail of print

Detail of print



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