Two More Editions

This past week I received two more wonderful editions for the Intersecting Methods portfolio along with the portfolio cases built by Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis, MN. The prints that came in were from the collaborative pairs of Georgia Deal with Dr. Karen Prestagaard and Travis Janssen with Dr. Thomas Hnasko. I have written about these pairs previously in the blog, so check out the posts Updates and a Collaborative Pair to read about Georgia and Karen and Collaboration Profile to read about Travis and Thomas. Along with receiving these editions, I have been able to get status updates from all the other participants. Not surprisingly the winter weather that has hammered the United States for the past few weeks has delayed things for some of the printers, but it is looking very likely that I will have all the editions in the next two weeks and will be able to have them organized by the SGCI conference in late March.

As I have mentioned before, I will be part of a panel that Georgia is organizing for the SGCI conference titled “Collaboration: Bridge and Springboard.” Georgia, Ruth Lingen, the Director and master papermaker at Pace Paper in Brooklyn, Justin Strom, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland and myself will be discussing different types of collaborations we have been apart of or coordinated and the new issues that arose. Specifically, I will be presenting the portfolio and profiling two of the collaborative pairs to talk about issues they had and how they dealt with them. I am really looking forward to the experience and being able to promote the idea of creating art with non-artists.

Along with the panel, I am organizing an opening for the portfolio at a location in the Mission District to coincide with the art walk that is scheduled for the conference. I will be posting details about that soon once they have been worked out. So if you are coming out for the conference, please come see the panel and come to the opening.

Now here are the images of Georgia Deal’s and Travis Janssen’s collaboration prints.


Print by Georgia Deal with her collaborator, Dr. Karen Prestagaard


Detail of Georgia Deal print


One side of print by Travis Janssen with his collaborator, Dr Thomas Hnasko


Detail of Travis Janssen print


Otherside of print by Travis Janssen with his collaborator, Dr. Thomas Hnasko


Detail of Travis Janssen print



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