Third Edition

Yesterday, I received the third edition for the portfolio, Intersecting Methods, from Ellie Honl with her collaborator, Michael Herman. I met Ellie when she was a visiting professor at Arizona State University in 2010-2012. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University. Her work uses a variety of mediums mixed with printmaking techniques so I was interested to see what she might create through the collaboration. Her collaborator Michael Herman, is an audio engineer working in setting up sound systems for events to get the best sound in the most space.


Print from Ellie Honl with her collaborator Michael Herman

Their collaboration is a different perspective on the portfolio than I have seen so far. As seen in the image above, they looked at the print as an exploration of their processes combined. The images depict the range of sound a speaker or set of speakers is putting out through a progression of changes that Michael made to improve the output. Ellie reproduced the screen images of the operation but also made changes from each one to the next as she felt they would improve the image. Underneath each of the four images are hand-written notes of the changes made by both Ellie and Michael as they each improved from the previous image.


Detail of print

I hope to receive some more prints in the next week or so, but I do know I will be receiving the portfolios in the next day or so. So it will be exciting to see how they have turned out.


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