Next Edition Received

This past Wednesday i received the next edition for the Intersecting Methods portfolio. This edition was created by Howard Paine, in collaboration with Hassan Zaraket, PhD. The print is a combination of digital inkjet printing for the colored layer underneath a black woodcut key image.

Howard Paine is the chair of the Department of Art and Design at the University of Southern Mississippi. His work has always had a connection with areas of scientific research. From his artist statement, “My studio work for the past decade was borne out of the investigation of the way technology can affect organisms, even down to the cellular level.” His collaborator, Hassan Zaraket, is a research associate for St Jude Children’s Research, working in the field of Infectious Diseases  and specifically studying the Emerging Influenza Viruses like H5N1, Avian Flu.

Here are two images of the print created from their collaboration. The piece is titled Transmission #3.


Print created by Howard Paine collaborating with Hassan Zaraket


Detail of print

I should be receiving more editions in the coming weeks and will have posts of them once ready.


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