Surprise Posting

I received a surprise package on Tuesday and have decided to spread the joy by posting about it. I email many of my participants over a week ago to check in and give extensions as needed since we will not be apart of the official SGC conference. Many were glad to hear from me because they were in need of the extra time with the end of the semester taking over their lives, which I could understand as it was happening to me also. But unbeknownst to me, one of my participants was done and the edition was on its way. So this past Tuesday, I was extremely happy to get a knock on my door with a larger package of prints waiting. With that I am happy to post images of the collaboration between Patrick Vincent, Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Minnesota State University Moorhead and his brother, Owen Vincent, an osteopathic doctor. I introduced them briefly in one of my initial posting, Intersecting Methods Participants and am extremely pleased with what they created. Without further delay here is the print created by Patrick in collaboration with Own.


Print from collaboration between Patrick Vincent and his brother Owen


Detail of the print

As I have said previously, but must reiterate, I am anxious to see what other editions will be like and look forward to posting them as they are received. In other portfolio related news, I may have a venue for the portfolio to be exhibited alongside the conference. It is just a thought right now, but I hope to have solid, happy news in the next month or so.


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