The print has been approved and I can start the edition. It’s a good feeling, but still a lot of work. Along with the print I have to create the colophon for the portfolio and collate the whole collection, but there is time.

My real concern now is trying to exhibit the portfolio and possibly get it in a collection. I have a possibility in the NAS, National Academy of Sciences. They have a program entitled DASER that is a monthly gathering around scientific topics involving artists and scientists. I contacted them two weeks ago about the portfolio and whether they would be interested in exhibiting it. Since then, there has been positive communication between us and it may be possible to exhibit the portfolio sometime in the spring.

Another minor one is the portfolio cost for myself and my participants, but I believe I have found a maker that will work best. The price is still a little high, but not unreasonable. If I do go with them I will post about the experience later.

For now, I will be heading to the studio on Tuesday to print the first layer on the full edition. And here is a little treat.



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