It feels good to have some physical progress on the print. After Mason and my meeting I have been working to do some testing and to create a first element for the image. The egg image I posted a few weeks ago, has become an element for the print. So I have been working to try and figure out the colors and process to create the image.

To recap, here is the egg image again:

Dead chicken Egg

Here is an image of the process for recreating the idea behind this image:

Multiple Exposure Egg Image

Multiple Exposure Egg Image

The egg image is being recreated through a multiple exposure screen print technique. I have printed a solid color of yellow to start and then printed 5 layers of colors on top using the same film exposed at different lengths to get different amounts of information to print. For the final, I am considering a 6th layer of color in between the first red, seen on the left, and the orange layer printed before to get a better transition. So far the response from Mason has been excellent and I am going to progress on other elements to create a BAT for the edition. The goal is to have a signed BAT by the end of the month and then to use November to print the edition.

Otherwise, some final details are being put together for the conference for the panel, including the addition of Ruth Lingen of Pace Prints as a presenter. It will be a real honor for me to be able to speak along side Georgia Deal, Ruth Lingen and Justin Strom. An honor, but really intimidating.


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