Meeting Tomorrow

Mason and I will be meeting tomorrow to work further on the print. I spent some time this past week developing the colophon and I think its coming along. Simple design but I think it will work nicely for the portfolio.

Hoping tomorrow will be a productive day. I am feeling behind, even though we still have two full months. I just prefer to work ahead and have more time at the end for adjustments and alterations. I would like to have a working proof within the next three weeks to show Mason and get approval, giving me plenty of time for the edition and colophon.

As far as the portfolio as a whole, I have emailed the portfolio committee for SGC and informed them of the relationship between my portfolio and my part in the panel discussion. I have not heard back, but most people I have mentioned this too feel that it should work out and that they will want to find space to have the both connected. If it doesn’t work out for some reason, I have some backup locations to try and show through, I will just need to workout the details with them.

Otherwise I am hoping to begin discussions with another artist or scientist on the next edition that I would like to start printing come late January or February. I want to start the process of discussion and brainstorming now, to allow the edition to start soon after this one is complete.

More to post after tomorrow.


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