An Unusual Twist

There has not been much change in the print or the portfolio, but there has been an unusual twist. As I wrote about previously, the portfolio was not selected for the SGC conference exhibition. This could have been for a variety of reasons, so it is not worth speculating. The twist is that this past Monday, I received an email from Georgia saying that the panel that she was heading which includes myself and Justin Strom,, has been accepted for the conference. What makes this unusual and a big twist in the situation is that the panel is focused around printmaking collaboration that bridge areas. For example, Justin will be discussing the collaborative print sessions that George Mason University, Corcoran College and the University of Maryland held over a three year period, bringing their students together at the different studios for large printing sessions. Georgia will be discussing our recent collaboration with the art Mia Feuer,, for her large installation exhibition at the Corcoran museum entitled, An Unkindness , And I will be discussing my own collaboration, but also those of the other printmakers, as we put together a portfolio in which we each collaborated with a chosen scientist or engineer. Sound familiar?

So, I am going to be up in front of a crowd of possibly 100 other printmakers and students, showing slides and talking about process and ideas behind a portfolio that will not be shown at the same conference. There seems to be something wrong with this setup. Now, again we could speculate all day long, but I would hazard a guess that the two committees didn’t notice a correlation between the panel and the portfolio. That being said, there may not have been anyone that was on both committees to notice the connection, so I am not angry or annoyed, just a little amused.

What can be done? Well, I have heard beck from some participants and the suggestion was made that I contact the committee for the portfolios and let them know of the situation and see what might be done. I have already contacted a space in the San Francisco area to see about showing during the exhibition, so it may not be necessary, but I know that the conference might rather have both under their name than to have people go offsite to see the prints in person.

Georgia has agreed with my emailing the committee to inquire and see if a change can be made, so hopefully some progress on that will be part of the next update. Otherwise, I had planned to see Mason’s lab yesterday, but he had too much work. I am going to try to get him to my house next weekend for a serious work session, hopefully ending with a mockup I can make some test prints of.


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