Portfolio Update

Sadly, it is my job to report that I received a letter of rejection from the SGC conference panel selecting themed portfolios for the conference. Though this means that we will not have an official conference venue for the portfolio, I have already started to work my connections to try and find a space that might allow a small, simple week long show during the conference for the portfolio.

This being said, it means that the portfolio will still be created and I have received a few emails from participants re-stating their commitment and excitement in the project. As one said, “A great idea is still a great idea,” so my posts will continue and the portfolio will be created, collated, and exhibited. I am asking the participants to expect to make two additional prints of their editions for exhibition and possible collections. Along with looking for venues in the area of the conference, I will also start applying to group show calls for exhibition of the portfolio over time.

As for my edition with Mason, there hasn’t been much progress this week as I returned to town on Monday from a short trip and immediately had to focus on the first week of classes. I have 5 in total, but thankfully they are concentrated to 3 days of the week, allowing me plenty of other time to work on the portfolios and prep for the next weeks classes. I hope to have something a little more definitive in the coming week or two, but it will depend on my time and Mason’s syncing up. That’s all for now.


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