Updates and A Collaborative Pair

Exciting week of happenings. I was offered two course with the University of Maryland in College Park. So I will be teaching 5 courses between the Corcoran and Maryland if all run. So my week has been kind of crazy with trying to get new syllabi together along with prepping for an upcoming wedding.

As for the portfolio, there are two new pairs being added on to the portfolio, printmakers Dennis O’Neil and Howard Paine collaborating with Leonid Tishkov and Hassan Zaraket, respectively. These late editions come from Dennis being unsure whether Tishkov would get his visa to come into the USA and do some other projects and Howard was referred to me by Andy Polk. Andy mentioned the portfolio to him and he seemed really interested. So Andy told me and I extended an invitation.

As for portfolios, they are looking quite expensive from PortfolioBox, so my friend and alumni of the University of Maryland and the Corcoran, Alessandra, of Typecase Industries, is looking into alternative forms to hold the prints that would be less expensive. I am looking forward to seeing her ideas.

But on to the pairing, this profile will be of Georgia Deal, http://www.georgiadeal.com/ and her collaborator, Dr. Karen Prestegaard. I have had the pleasure of knowing Georgia for a little over 2 years now, but in a way we’ve been only a degree or two away for many years oddly enough. Georgia is the program head for the printmaking program at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, she has been with the Corcoran since 1985 and has really worked to build up the program and processes. She is also one of the faculty members who helped conceive the Art and the Book MA program that I have the privilege of teaching in.

Her collaborator, Dr Prestegaard, is a professor at the University of Maryland in the geology department. Her research is in sediment transport and depositional processes in mountain gravel-bed streams; mechanisms of streamflow generation and their variations with watershed scale, geology, and land use; hydrologic behavior of frozen ground; hydrologic consequences of climate change; hydrology of coastal and riparian wetlands.

Knowing Georgia’s background in papermaking and etching, I am really looking forward to seeing what she and Karen create.

I won’t be posting in the coming week. I will be busy being the best man at a wedding, So I will try to bring an update after that.


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