Further Progress

Been a productive week and its not slowing down. Summer classes are ending with the final screen printing session on Saturday, Tuesday we had a long print session in the studios for an installation project that Georgia, myself and some others are helping creating birch bark printed tar paper. The artist is Mia Feuer (http://www.miafeuer.com/) and the tar paper will be used as a larger installation inside the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The show, titled “An Unkindness,” (http://www.corcoran.org/exhibitions/mia-feuer-unkindness) will be opening in early November and go through the new year. We spent four hours printing over 200 feet of tar paper on Tuesday and there may be a need for more.

As for R&D editions work, I met with Mason on Tuesday night and we had a long conversation about the progress of the work and where he was thinking. He had written a few things, but we came to realize that doing a piece utilizing a story or scripted text based around his laboratory work did not seem to fit anymore. It felt forced and inappropriate for a portfolio, more like something we could collaborate on later as a series or book form.

What we did decide is to consider the chaos of running experiments, more specifically the repetitive nature behind the need to prove results. For example, Mason told me of a recent experiment that they had produced multiple times with no results and then on the day of their last attempt, his boss mentioned that they would not have to go through this again as they had never had any results before and this one would give none either. But then, a miracle (or a bout of torture, depending on your perspective), this latest test produced viable results, the only problem, now they had to repeat it. So where two hours earlier it looked like the end, Mason and the lab would now how to repeat the experiment again, to try and match the results.

This uncontrollable, repetitive nature of experimentation in a research laboratory has driven some of Mason’s ideas and will be the foundation of what we will work towards. Most likely, we will layer imagery and text to build of the chaotic, repetitive environment of the ideas of repeating for results and finish the print off with an image or text that will bring the whole to a point. For now, I will see what notes and images Mason sends my way.

Otherwise, I am working on the colophon design, waiting to hear on portfolio quotes and moving forward on all fronts for this portfolio. Next week will probably be another participant profile post unless any big updates come through.


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