Collaboration profile

Another of the collaboration teams will be with printmaker Travis Janssen and neurobiologist Thomas Hnasko.

Travis is a former graduate of Arizona State University’s printmaking program, a few years before me, and currently teaches at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. His work explores the combination of contemporary and traditional printmaking with forays into video and installation art. Check out his work at

Travis’s collaborator is Thomas Hnasko, a researcher and assistant professor at UC, San Diego. He runs Hnasko Lab (, in the School of Medicine where their primary goal is to achieve a better understanding of the neural circuitry involved in motivated behaviors, decision making, & movement.

This will be another exciting print to watch for. I have admire Travis’ prints for some time and he participate in my portfolio, “Make ___________” last year and I was extremely surprised and happy with his print. I cannot wait to see what he and Thomas will produce through their collaboration.

As for my own, Mason and I will be meeting in the coming week to discuss the ideas again and hopefully have some progress on context and design work. I am hoping to be able to start working on the print in mid to late September. I would say earlier but I have a few too many obligations and then the semester will be starting soon after. Once that is underway, I will be able to focus more time on the print and the colophon.


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