Portfolio Case Research

Another week of summer courses has slowed down some of the progress on the edition and portfolio. Currently, I am finishing up a Home Studio Printmaking course, but come next week I will be able to put more time towards the print and other work.

I have sent out for some estimates on cost of portfolios, as there are no inexpensive but nice quality, mass produced portfolios for a 14×18 print size.

One of the companies is Type Case Industries (http://www.typecaseindustries.com/), they are a local letterpress and book arts studio located at the O Street Studios (http://www.52ostreetstudios.org/). The shop is run by three women, two are former graduates of the Book Arts program I teach for.

Another company is Portfolio Box (http://portfoliobox.com/) in Pawtucket, RI. The Corcoran printmaking department has used this company for its annual portfolio exchange in years past.

I hope to hear from each within the week so that I can give a participation fee quote to everyone. For the time being I will do some more research on the collaborators for the group and designing the colophon.


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