Intersecting Methods Participants

The portfolio logistics are starting to come together. I have heard final confirmations on collaborators from the majority of the participating printmakers. This is turning out to be an excellent combination of printmakers and collaborators with a real variety in fields of study.

For example, Andrew Polk, head of the printmaking department at University of Arizona (, has confirmed his participation and that he will be collaborating with Michael Hammer, a professor and scientist at University of Arizona, who runs The Hammer Lab ( As described to me by Andy, they will be focusing their print around Michael’s current research in the field of genetics, where he is beginning to study a genetic mutation that causes a severe form of epilepsy.

Another confirmed participant is Patrick Vincent ( will be collaborating with his brother and doctor, Owen Vincent. Owen is an osteopathic doctor and focuses his work more on the spine than on traditional medicine.

I will put more up about different pairings as I receive more information, but for now here is the current list of the printmakers and collaborators.

Matthew McLaughlin : Mason Trappio

Georgia Deal : Karen Prestagaard

Ellie Honl : Michael Herman

Travis Janssen : Thomas Hnasko

Elizabeth Klimek : Jason Klimek, Erin and Scott D’Vileskis

Gabriela Munoz : Cassandra Hernandez

Andrew Polk : Michael Hammer

Gretchen Schermerhorn : Patricia Lee

Brett Schieszer : Kyle Gustafson

Patrick Vincent : Owen Vincent

More to come soon.


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