Collaboration Update

This past Monday, I met with Mason to further discuss our print and the possible processes and concepts. To try and get Mason a better understanding of printmaking processes and what they can produce, I pulled out about 10 portfolios that I had participated in over the past 5 years. With so many I was able to show him a wide variety of processes and imagery. Seeing these physical prints helped him to understand the possibilities in printmaking.

Afterwards we discussed the possible direction for the edition. We talked about current and future experiments in the lab we works in. He explained further on different techniques and even showed me two vials of material he had described previously. In one vial, he said it contained a million cells, in a solution, prepared  for the next step of the experiment. Overall, I would say there was less than an ounce of liquid in the tube.

But through the discussions, we agreed that the focus of the piece should be based around text and writing as that is one of Mason’s creative outlets and letterpress is a fantastic process to use. As for the form that the text will take is yet to be seen. Whether it will be a conceptual use of relationships between ideas or a poem or a story with a fully conceived plot that is yet to be determined. But for now, I look forward to meeting with him again in the next few weeks and seeing how his ideas have progressed.


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