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This week there has been little progress on the print and the portfolio. Mainly continuing to get confirmations on participation and to learn about who each printmaker will be collaborating with. As for my collaboration, I have spent some time looking into the background research and trying to understand what Mason does in the laboratory. It really brings me back to high school and having to take AP Chemistry amongst a whole bunch of other science and technology courses and as always, I started to look at the images of DNA microarrays, growth hormones, antigens and just got lost in the beauty and simplicity of the imagery.

DNA Microarray

DNA Microarray

Above is an example of a DNA microarray I found in google images. Its quite fantastic and beautiful in the simplicity of the imagery, but the complexity in the colors and tones. The variations created in the colors along with the variations created by their relationships to the surrounding colors reminds me a lot of Josef Albers and color studies you do in CORE classes.


Along with thinking about my coming collaboration, I have been thinking about my previous ones. Here is a print I did two and a half years ago with an artist named Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, for the Map(ing) project at Arizona State University,

Print for Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie

Print for Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie

This print was created in an edition of 25, with three layers, each a different technique. Initially, Hulleah showed up with 14 different mockups believing that we were planning on making her 25 unique inkjet prints. Once we talked and explained the project, she became very enthusiastic about working with this particular image. We discussed possible techniques and decided upon using a combination of inkjet printing, laser cut relief and polymer plate embossment. The colors in the center were inkjet printed in flat shapes to create the backgrounds for the photographic images. We then cut two pieces of wood with the same file, to have photographic images without a wood grain we used masonite and then did a second run on bass wood. We cut each piece out and put the masonite into the bass frame for printing. After that was completed we made a large polymer plate for the text and ran a series of tests to build up the color for the center text (originally a blind embossment, the center text “Indian Baby” could not be read properly without a little contrasting color).

We produced the edition in a week, but that will not be possible for my coming work. I had 3 other printers working with me and a dedicated studio to print in. I hope to get back to that level some day, but for now I am happy to take my time and produce solid editions.

I will be meeting with Mason on Monday to talk further, show prints and try to get a better idea of the concept and imagery we will be working with for the print. Update next week with how things went.


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