Intersecting Methods

As a launch pad for this endeavor, I am putting together a portfolio of prints with 10 other printmakers. Each of us will collaborate with a chosen scientist, engineer, etc, and create an edition equal to the number of participants, 22. The prints will then be mailed to me where I will curator and compile 22 portfolios, in cases, that will be sent back to the printers. Each portfolio will contain 11 prints, a copy of their print and copies of the 10 prints created by the other printmakers. Two copies will be sent back as the collaborator with each printmaker will receive one also.

Printmakers have been creating portfolio exchanges for some time now, as it is a challenging endeavor, a great experience and a great way to collect art. Portfolios always contain a form or format that each printmaker has to stick to. Below is the theme for this portfolio:

As a process for creating art, printmaking has many similarities to the scientific method. Printmakers dream up the imagery, experiment with their mediums, proof their plates, manipulate the variables (one at a time), and proof again to be able to create the desired results in the final edition. Scientists, engineers and others in related fields, work through similar steps in conducting experiments and attempting to prove/disprove a hypothesis. Intersecting Methods is a portfolio that brings together the arts and the sciences to create collaborative prints by partnering a printmaker with a scientist, engineer, or other. 

Each participatory printmaker will find a collaborator and work with them to design and execute an edition for the portfolio. The hope being that the collaboration will bring new and innovative ideas to each participant. For the printmakers, there is the possibility of learning new ways to use materials or to see a new perspective on an older process and for the collaborators, the hope is to expose them to a new art form, but also to expand their own thinking and enhance their own research. Though our outcomes and goals may be very different at times, our methods and procedures are related and this portfolio is meant to highlight these similarities and bring to fruition their possibilities. 

The only other restriction to the portfolio is a required size of 14″x18″ for the print, vertical or horizontal. As I receive further confirmation and information, I will post about the portfolios progress and who will be participating.



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