First Collaborator: Mason Trappio

For the first edition produced by R&D editions, I will be collaborating with a good friend, Mason Trappio. Mason is a scientific researcher assistant and performer in the Washington, DC metro area. I have known Mason for about 10 years now and he has always been a very creative guy for having a very analytical brain. He’s a Faculty Research Assistant at the University of Maryland, but also does theater performances and standup comedy on the side. Since as long as I have known him, he’s been a very outgoing person, always going for the unusual laugh and by that I mean, trying to make people laugh, but not by telling your standard style jokes.

Currently he works in the Biology department helping with experiments in neuroendocrine regulated growth and development in chickens and mice. Mason also explores his creative writing, looking at the research he helps with through new perspectives in his blog,

The focus of the print that Mason and Matthew will be collaborating on has not be determined yet, but with the creative outlets each explores, the result should be an interesting blend of imagery, text, and scientific thought. As we progress, there will be updates and images posted on the collaboration.

This print will be part of a larger portfolio that I am curating. Once, I have a more definitive list of the participating printmakers and their collaborators, all people in the fields of science and technology, I will post a little more about it and explain the overall theme.


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