Statement of Purpose

Printmaking by its very nature is a collaborative art form through the use of its processes, the production of an edition and the democratic nature of the multiple. Printmaking is also an art form that lends itself to the scientific method. You experiment, proof, fix and try again until you have created the combination that best expresses the intended outcome. Sometimes things change through the process and you learn or discover something new. This is the beauty and the joy of it and this is what R&D Editions is about.

R&D Editions is a print publishing company that seeks to create fine art editions through collaboration with artists, but also with engineers, architects, and scientists. This may seem untraditional, but the thought process and insights of the scientific community on art is an untapped resource that we at R&D Editions feel will help expand and enhance the printmaking medium. No available process will be excluded and collaborators will learn to work hands on with the printers to create the plates and make decisions in the design process. Both the collaborator and the printer will learn from each other and learn from the materials. Individuals will be invited to collaborate and create editions with printers for publication and sale to fund the next endeavor.


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